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Civil Law
  • Obligations and Contracts
  • Contractual and Non-contractual Public Liability
  • Professional Negligence Liability
  • Family Law (divorce, separation, disabilities, maintenance obligations)
  • Legal Protection of honour, personal privacy and image
  • Property Development and Construction Law
  • Inheritance Law and Estate Planning
  • Claims for Non-Payment
  • Royalties and Guaranty Rights
  • Data Protection
Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Articles of Incorporation and of similar legal entities
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Consultation for Senior Management and Governing Bodies
  • Challenging of corporate resolutions
  • Director, Executive and Advisor Liability
  • Foreign Investments
  • Mergers & Acquisitions and Company Divisions
  • Insurance Law
  • Agency and Management Contracts
  • Company Restructuring
  • Transport by land, sea and air
Intellectual and Industrial Property
  • Copyright Protection
  • Publishing and Production Contracts and other related intellectual property
  • Image Copyright
  • Legal Proceedings for Violation of Copyright Laws
  • Contracts relating to Software
  • Patents, Brands, Design and Know-How Protection
  • Contentious-Administrative Proceedings
  • Domain Registration Challenges
Competition Law
  • Actions against Unfair Competition
  • Illegal Advertising & Comparative Advertising
  • Procedures before Community Institutions and Bodies
  • Proceedings before the Competition Tribunal
  • Infringements of Competition Law
  • Concentration of companies
Administrative Law
  • Punitive Law
  • Administrative Contracting
  • Subsidies
  • Urban Planning
  • Health Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Rights of Aliens
  • Compulsory Expropriation
  • Traffic and freedom of movement
  • Assets governed by the Administration
  • Administrative and Court (contentious-administrative) Proceedings and Appeals
  • Construction anf Contracting of Public Works
Tax Law
  • Tax Consulting and Planning
  • Tax Declarations
  • Administrative Contentious Proceedings
  • Tax Court Audits, Appeals and Claims
  • Tax Audit Inspections
  • International Taxation
Labour Law
  • Labour Planning and Advice
  • Contentious Labour Disputes
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Staff Hiring
  • Athletes, Professionals and Artists
  • Sanctions and Dismissals
  • Functional and Geographical Mobility
  • Redundancy Schemes & Restructuring of Personnel
  • Social Security
  • Modifying of employment conditions
  • Work Inspections and Social Security
  • Senior Management Contract Agreements
  • Labour-risk Protection
  • Labour Accident Liability
  • Collective Disputes
  • Elections and Labour Representation
Criminal Law
  • Corporate & Economic Crime
  • Environmental Crime
  • Public Administration Crime
  • Computer-related Crime
  • Civil Liability Deriving from Criminal Acts
Canon Law
  • Marriage Annulment
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements
Procedural Law
  • Representation and Defence before all jurisdictions
  • Precautionary Measures
  • Proceedings before the Constitutional Court
  • National and International Arbitration
  • Conciliations and Mediations
  • Proceedings before Community and International Courts and Bodies
  • Execution of Sentences and Foreign Arbitral Awards